Keep Your WordPress Site Updated Making sure your website runs as smoothly as your business.

WordPress is an open source platform that benefits from the support of countless contributors from all over the world. Having development input of this scale is essential in order to maintain its quality, which is why updates are released on a regular basis.

Like any other piece of software, updating to the latest version is not only important, but necessary to ensure an optimal and functional website.

Why You Should Update
Your WordPress Site

Since WordPress is an open source software, it can be vulnerable to unwanted bugs and viruses. It is crucial to keep your version updated as new versions come with enhanced security features that can protect your website against hackers and malicious code distributors.


WordPress developers are always looking for new ways to enhance software performance by making it faster and more efficient. Regular WordPress updates usually include fixes designed to provide better site performance which, in turn, result in better user experience.


Minor bugs can cause major problems for you, as a website owner, and the target market you are trying to impress. Keeping your site updated is a great way to avoid any bug-related issues, minor or otherwise. Remember, how your website performs is a reflection of your brand as well.

Enhanced Features

Every major WordPress update contains new features that are designed to improve the overall user experience. In WordPress 5.2 for example, a Site Health Check tool was introduced, which helps detect problems in a WordPress site’s configuration and identify potential issues that may require your attention.

Search Engine Optimization

An optimized site doesn't just rely on keywords and content, it also banks on how your website performs. WordPress vulnerabilities could cause slow loading time, page errors, dysfunctional plugins, and compatibility issues which will not fare well to both search engines and end-users.

Complete WordPress Update
for only $200.

We’ll help you update your WordPress site to the latest version, so you can get all of the benefits of having a secure, functional, optimized website. Our WordPress Update Package features the core update, including all security updates, plugin compatibility, maintenance, and detection and fixes of potential malware issues.