Hire Cloud Teams

Think of us as your marketing back office. We can handle your entire website build process or a part of it. You decide.

White Label Services for Digital Agencies

If you’re looking to outsource a part of your website building or online marketing process, try us for a month! We have cost-efficient packages that will fit in your workflow. If you’re happy with the results, hire a dedicated resource to save even more.


Reliable, Top-Notch Talent

Based in Manila and with years of experience, we do website design and marketing for companies of all sizes. It’s a no-brainer to hire an August 99 crew than to try to assemble a group of freelance contractors, who may not be as productive as you want them to be.


Never Get Burned Again

August 99 is an outsourced web design team that launches over 100 websites every month. We’re run by North American and Filipino managers who’ve worked with thousands of demanding clients worldwide.


One-on-One Process

Buy a set of hours or get a dedicated resource assigned to your project. This solidifies communication across the team, sets expectations, and maintains focus. This dedicated approach allows us to complete your tasks in days, not weeks.


Discreetly Professional

You’re always in front of your clients. We work behind a signed NDA as your white label web design provider. Invoices are made directly to you.


Great Work Attitude

It all starts with a creative team who works well together. Partner that with effective tools and a tried and tested process, you have a virtual team that actually gets stuff done.


Hear the Difference

Listen to sample design meeting recordings of our web strategists.


Believe the Difference

All of our company websites are on the first page of Google for the keywords we target. Getting on top of search engine results is critical. We did it for ourselves and we can do it for you too. This would take a focused, well-planned strategy so let’s get started today!

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