Behind each project are truly amazing people.

We’re leaders in the Web Design and Internet Marketing space because it’s our passion. Each one on our team brings their creative input, enthusiasm and yes, his own crazy personality in every project we tackle. But as people, we also want you get an idea of who we are, not just what we do.

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Client Management

Niña Marz

Account Manager

Niña’s exposure to the company’s strategic planning and operations allowed her to understand its different facets. Having an innate knack for coordination among people and things, and a can-do attitude towards tasks thrown on her plate, she’s been an Digital Strategist-in-training early on in her career.

Her successful projects are proof of the attention she devotes herself into with the accounts that she handles. She may be considered a young professional, but she already had the skills and understanding long before tackling client-interfacing projects which makes her one of the most competitive Digital Strategists in the team.

Client Management

Willie Chan

Account Manager

Willie has been in the customer and tech support field for over a decade — from helping clients set their email accounts to revamping websites to its fullest potentials — he’s had experience in a little bit of everything and he’s eager to learn more. Having such extensive knowledge in the field of customer satisfaction, Willie believes that being able to find a solution that makes the clients happy is as good as it gets.

When he’s not working, Willie spends his time reading comic books, playing video games, watching movies, and soaking up facts from Reddit. He seeks every opportunity to slip in a horrible pun even though nobody finds it punny, and is a diehard fan of the Alaska Aces since 1994.

Client Management

Isabelle Carballo

Account Manager

With a degree in Multimedia Arts, Isabelle originally aspired to be a web developer but found that being a Digital Strategist gives her a whole lot more possibilities to learn and grow. As a natural people-person, Isabelle loves relating to clients and the opportunities of exposing herself to the different industries.

A proud gamer, Isabelle plays a mean raid with her favorite character, Annie, on League of Legends. She prefers pulling an all-nighter in-game than spending the night out. When not stuck in front of the computer, Isabelle roots for her favorite basketball team: The Barangay Ginebra Kings.


Luigi Amante

Board Member

Originally from the Philippines, Luigi moved to Los Angeles after high school and graduated from Cal Poly Pomona as an Electrical Engineer.

Although he enjoyed the engineering field, he quickly realized he needed to be in a much more creative environment and helped start The Design People – a web design company established in 1999 – whose main focus was to serve the real estate industry in the United States.

Since its inception, The Design People has grown from a 3-person office to a multi-national company servicing thousands of clients from their offices in Los Angeles and Manila.

Currently, Luigi is a Board Member for both The Design People and August 99.

In his free time, he also consults with small businesses and startups on operational strategies.


Jon Krabbe


Prior to The Design People, Jon Krabbe held various senior financial roles in the industry. The Design People is one of the leading providers in Business Services. It is based in El Segundo, CA.


Tiger Bitanga


Originally from the Philippines and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tiger made his way to Los Angeles where he co-founded August 99′s sister company, The Design People, in 1999. He is a big believer in the power of tribes and networking and is currently working on several internet ventures in the fast-growing Philippine market.

Tiger founded August 99 with the vision of connecting creative agencies all over the world to awesome web design talent in the Philippines. As a forward-looking startup company, August 99 is also a tech incubator currently developing several local startup companies.

Tiger is an early adopter and fan of all things tech. He enjoys playing football, badminton and spending time with his wife and two kids.


Klinton Ballecer

Web Developer

Coding comes easily to Klinton as he considers this more of a hobby than a job. He began to love web development in his early university days considering his major subjects involved a lot of programming. His love for coding extends now to the August 99 team as he finds that his greatest strength is the ability to solve problems by facing them head-on, motivating himself to learn and grow. His passion for seeking out new ideas and developing his skills encourages him to extend a helping hand to people who understand little to no code in order to get the job done. This unique approach to working effectively and efficiently is what makes Klinton such an asset to the team. In fact, his motto, “Stop worrying, keep moving” is something we must all take to heart both professionally and personally.

Whether it’s outside the office or inside, Klinton loves sitting behind a computer screen either playing video games or surfing the net to learn new things and expanding his knowledge. He also likes to play the guitar on those times when he’s not on the keyboard. Digging deeper, Klinton’s uniqueness stems from his focused sense of self-discipline which is clearly reflected on his approach to his work ethic and way of life — to live as minimalist as possible.


Ann Danganan

Admin Assistant

They say that big things come in small packages, and that is absolutely true for our resident A99er, Ann. Don’t let her tiny frame fool you, as Ann is one of our most valued people working discreetly behind the scenes, contributing to the bigger picture. Ann’s incredible discipline of focusing on the tasks at hand and seeing it through to accomplishment, however minuscule it is, is what makes her such a big player in the August 99 Team. Her humble sense of fulfillment in her ability to extend her hand even in the smallest of tasks causes a ripple effect that creates a big impact in how the company functions as a whole.

From the smallest of things to the biggest of pictures, Ann reflects her work mantra to her outgoing personality by always exploring new experiences and jumping into extreme adventures such as mountaineering and cliff diving, ultimately proving that size indeed doesn’t matter.


Emma Pabale

Web Developer

Emma dove into the world of programming knowing that the tech industry will continue to grow for decades to come. Starting out as an Android developer, Emma found that she was most skilled in debugging codes and front-end conversion as she developed her skills here at August 99. Converting the art of the designer to a fully-functional website is why she loves front-end development, “like turning your imagination into reality,” she says.

When she’s not cleaning baby bottles and diapers for her little man, Tytus (or Tutti Fruiti, as we love to call him), she likes reading books and marathoning TV shows in one sitting.


Hans de Guzman

Web Developer

“Working with awesome people will make anyone love their job, and that’s the reason why I love mine,” says Hans, one of A99’s rookie developers. Hans started off as an On-The-Job Trainee with August 99, and from the very beginning, we saw so much potential in him that we couldn’t just let him off the hook. True enough, he admits that one of his best accomplishments thus far was being given the opportunity to wrap up his studies while earning his keep with his mates at A99. To Hans, this is where he enjoys being a developer: being open to challenges, having fun discovering new things to implement his studies in programming, and being granted the opportunity to grow while pursuing his degree in Software Engineering.

Other than being committed to performing his tasks to the best of his abilities, his enthusiasm for teamwork can greatly be felt inside and outside the workplace. When he’s not busy juggling his schoolwork and in-office joke-times while intermittently coding, Hans enjoys driving out of town on vacations and playing RPGs with his dev buddies.


Mikko de Castro

Web Developer

The opportunity for new challenges is what keeps Mikko going, and this is why he considers web development as his better half. Starting out as a graphic designer, he soon discovered the sense of fulfillment in not only understanding the art in websites, but also building them in code. Because of this evolution, Mikko aces in front-end development and CSS animations and might possibly even convert sites with his eyes closed!

Aside from getting himself up to speed with the latest tech innovations and the occasional busting of dance moves in the middle of the office, Mikko also enjoys pulling out the guitar to sing us some songs — again, in the middle of the office — and traveling with his friends and family.


James Songalia

Senior Web Developer

The most interesting thing about James S (as we call him) is that he got into IT as a recommendation by his aunt. It wasn’t his first choice, nor was it easy to understand at first, but he admits that as he continued to study programming, he grew to enjoy it more and more. What made him dive deep into the matrix is the ability to learn new languages & APIs, new technologies, and new ways to work the backend which, let’s face it — is not for everyone.

Aside from being our backend silent protector and watchful guardian, James S enjoys spending his time with his girlfriend, watching anime and movies, reading manga, and dabbling with currency trades.


Marco Alcaria

Senior Web Developer

Marco’s pursuit for progressive improvement of his skills set devised his way to becoming a virtuoso in web development. Dedicated in providing quality and functional websites with profound knowledge in front-end development (HTML5/CSS3/SASS/JS etc.) and back-end development.

His passion for his craft allowed him to learn and play around with a number of software platforms with the goal of finding the best and most efficient web solutions. His most notable performances involve front and back-end WordPress functions and flexibilities, gaining the skills and expertise of coding with speed and precision.


Karl Esculano

Senior Web Developer

Karl found inspiration in programming from his mother who is a self-taught programmer herself. Upon joining an organization with like-minded people who are passionate about the field, Karl developed his skills not only in programming, but also interpersonal dynamics, teamwork, and collaboration. As diverse as Karl is, it is no wonder he is one of August 99’s trusted senior developers in the team. He believes that while skills are already a given, the right attitude goes a long way.

Of course, the right attitude at work isn’t the only thing Karl puts his focus on. He is just as passionate with his team in August 99 as he is outside, whether it’s participating in church activities, attending mentoring workshops, hanging out with his buddies playing basketball or simply traveling around.


Blaissie Capulong

Web Designer

Blaissie feels most accomplished when she’s helping people make their websites look creative and beautiful. She feels exceptionally proud when her works are live online being useful to the world wide web. As a result, Blaissie is constantly motivated to discover new design tricks and techniques in UI/UX design, where she develops her skills at building websites from scratch, logo design, and rebranding.

For fun, Blaissie loves playing role-playing games (RPG) to enhance her strategy skills while having fun doing so. She also loves cosplaying her favorite anime characters and modeling on the side to boost her self-confidence.


Susette Ignacio

Web Designer

If there’s one person we’ve personally enjoyed seeing grow in our August 99 Team, it’s Susette. From her earlier days in the company, Susette never truly considered herself as a good designer (whatever that means). However as time progressed and projects rolled in, she was constantly faced with ways that challenged her design skills to improve to such dramatic heights. Currently, Susette is one of the most sought-after designers by our clients and partners alike due to her exceptionally wide-ranged skill sets that she’s developed over the years. Her motivation to constantly educate herself to new tools, implement new design styles, and integrate best practices, stems from her personal journey climbing atop the designer mountain.

Figuratively and literally speaking, Susette also enjoys climbing mountains on her free time alongside her mountaineering group as well as joining running events and other outdoor activities.


Catherine Maquiran

Assistant Team Leader

Keeping up with the latest design trends, updating herself with the newest technologies and sharpening her design skills is what makes Catherine such a trusted member and assistant team leader for the design department. You never need to look twice to see where her career path lies as she’s been passionate about web design as early as her college days. Being a self-taught graphic and web designer, her ability to adapt and grow in such a rapidly changing environment allows her to be intuitive in her craft as she continues to work alongside and lead her fellow team members.

Compared to her design teammates, Catherine is more of a homebody and finds productivity in spending her time studying about new design styles, learning Korean language, and playing video games. Don’t think she’s a shy girl, though, as this girl definitely loves to sing alongside our resident choir boy, Mikko.

Team Leaders

Jacq Villarama


A real-life NPC, Jacq is passionate about assisting, numbers, and data analysis. A firm believer in “do what you love”, Jacq is happiest when in front of a spreadsheet, helping out clients, and ensuring that every task set is accomplished to the fullest of her ability.

When not plotting world domination on the side, Jacq likes to spend her time playing catch-up on her gaming backlogs with her multiple gaming consoles — a Herculean task, if you ask us — writing fiction, and exploring the vast maps of Guild Wars 2. She’s also a hardcore fan of pumpkin soup.

Team Leaders

Eve Sastre

Digital Marketing

Eve handles all online marketing campaigns for August 99 and heads the Internet marketing department. She loves problem solving and helping companies leverage the power of the web to promote their business.

When not at the office, Eve is busy studying and doing ministry projects. She loves classical music, art, books and hiking the many mountains of the Philippines.

Team Leaders

James Ryan Dulay

Creative Director

James has over a dozen years of experience in the creative field under his belt. Having started in the trenches as a multimedia designer, he rose up the design ladder quickly due to his unmatched dedication and unerring compositional eye.

While James now wears many hats in the company, he’s not a fan of multitasking – he believes in doing one thing at a time and doing it right. He likes to shoot people in his free time (seriously!) whether as a photographer or as an airsoft player.

Team Leaders

Mar Peña

People & Culture

Mar had absolutely no idea that she would come to love what she does now at August 99 — whatever it is that she’s currently doing. For the most part, Mar found that she had a knack for connecting with people, understanding their needs, and finding ways to provide solutions that ultimately make them happy. Starting off as the Senior Art Director giving sound and solid design advice to clients and designers alike, she then branched out to account management, client relationship management, and began to dabble with human resources fairly recently. Wearing many hats made Mar realize that no matter which seat she decided to “wing it” in is achievable as long as you understand the basic principle of human connection. Using this as her guide, Mar ensures that everyone in the August 99 Team is always inspired and motivated, as she believes that this is the key to quality output and solid business relationships.

When not being the company Oracle (as people joke about), Mar is a shameless nerd passionate about the realms of science, art, design, and the human consciousness. She also likes to dress up as superheroes in her spare time.

Team Leaders

Jonathan Bingayan

Web Development Manager

Owtee is a stickler for creating perfect code, which is what makes him one of the leading, most requested backend developers around. He speaks PHP like no one else can and has almost a decade’s worth of experience in making sure that websites work like they should.

When not immersed in code, he’s either out on his bike, up on the hills looking for more peaks to summit, or chilling out with his daughter.