Get a web and design team who could work wonders for 100 hours

A versatile, customized approach towards design and development work.
How It Works

Getting the Flex 5 Package essentially means hiring a design and development team specifically assembled to meet all of your goals.

You get a team made up of individuals with different strengths and specialties. For example, you can have a photo editing expert, a talented illustrator, and a branding wiz on your team, all working towards what you have in mind. The same goes for development – you can assemble a team made of a front-end developer, a plugin expert, a WordPress developer, and so on.

The best part is, the package is flexible and completely scalable as well. While you can already accomplish a lot with 100 hours and a dedicated team, you have the option to scale up, just in case you need more.

What you can do with Flex 5

Our Flex 5 Package gives you 100 hours which you can use for your project, consumable over a five-month peroid. You can split up the hours between multiple tasks or dedicate all of it towards a single requirement – it’s up to you.

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Client Reviews
Ed Peterson

I’ve been working with August 99 for about six month and am very impressed by their technical capabilities and their project management. I’ve challenged the team with several complicated web development projects for our SaaS programs, and they have come through with flying colors. I high recommend their services!

Kirk Najarian

Perfect five-star company and staff. Working with August99 from the beginning has been a great experience. The communication was excellent and the platform they used to aid in the design process makes it so easy to follow and have direct access to all the parties involved in the creation of the site.

Paul Hatcher

I love the team at August99. Their service is superb, designs are outstanding, and I always have confidence that my requests will be fulfilled in a consistent and timely manner. I have utilized the skills of the team for over 5 years now and they have never let me down.